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The island of Andaman and nicobar are blessed with the magnanimous presence of many stupendous knolls which are trekking in Andaman and nicobar islands. As a matter of fact, trekking is one of the most sought-after adventure sports in the islands of Andaman and nicobar. On the some occasions it is also regarded as 'tramping' or 'bushwalking' or 'backpacking'.

The chief area which serves as the hub of trekker in Andaman and nicobar islands are rocky stretch of terrain that extends from the magniloquent hammock known as mount Harriet to Madhuban and saddle peak in Diglipur covered with thick tropical rainforest , teeming with wildlife and endemic plants, including about 2200 plant and 270 bird species. This sprawling plot of land is covered in luscious woodlands which house a tremendous variety of wild creature and exotic plant species. However, you can also opt for other trekking routes which are equally delectable sand located with opulent natural wealth with blow your mind.

Sometimes, trekking expeditions are only a day or two long. but on other occasions , trekking at Andaman and nicobar islands can extend for weeks or even months But as the duration of the trekking at Andaman and nicobar is augmented, the planning should be adequate so as not leave any kind of loop hole. You can easily get hold of all sorts of trekking equipments but the trekking gear should not be too heavy as it might cause atrocious fatigues as well as other severe injuries. The major trekking equipments include food,water.sloves,hydration tags to carry water and many more useful and indispensable materials


Start trekking in the way of cave and appreciate is a splendid feature. The non touristy trail from here leads up to the cave true magnificent gallery forest along the stream that runs through the forest famous cave. Walking on a2 km. nature trail provides visitors a real sense of being in the tropical rain forest hosing diverse species of plants an palm trees, including giant bamboo and other standing trees along the way the trekking route is suitable for those your considerably physically feet. About half of the route is very steep, though wooden steps were installed to easy the walk. Reach the open cave and ultimately enjoy the tranquility of its surrounding famous for its stone arch, the larger cave is also regarded place of limestone cave where an annual ceremony to worship the guardian spirits and ancestor of ethnic Karen people living nearby takes place every year. Enjoy peaceful picnic lunch.